The Team

Financial Advisor: Gary A. Fischer, CFA, CFP


In the summer of 1995, I had made the decision to begin a career off the farm and began exploring options.  I wanted to reconnect with people, use my number aptitude and find something that I could work at for many years (age 75+).  By year end, I had setup a home office and was working under the umbrella of Regal Capital Planners.  Then in January of 1996 I moved the business to downtown Walkerton, on the corner of Durham and Yonge Street.  It was shortly after this, in 1997, that I began the 3 year CFA (Charter Financial Analyst) program with the goal in mind to have my designation by the time I turned 40.

You may recall that in the year 2000 real-estate prices bottomed out because of the water crisis, so it was a natural step to begin looking at purchasing a building for my expanding financial business.   My family and I were drawn to the historic Walker House, which allowed me to keep the business in the heart of Walkerton.  Restoring the building just became another really cool challenge for me.

Twenty years later, I am even more aware of how I like taking care of people and I love hearing their stories and sharing a few of mine with them.  As a good friend of mine once said, “You should have been a nurse Gary, you just know how to look after people.”

As the years have passed, our kids are now fully grown, one in Mexico City, and one in Ottawa.  Bottom line, it’s just Diane and I and the dog (Princess Nellie) left at home.  Beyond my working hours, I have always had a passion for the great outdoors.  Trail running is a perfect way for me to stay active, see some neat places and of course meet people and collect stories!  Watch Out!

Financial Advisor: Robert J. Freiburger, BBA

My name is Robert James Freiburger.  I grew up around the Walkerton area and now live in Greenock.  I have worked on the family farm for most of my life.  In the summer months I enjoy riding my motorcycle and playing rounds of golf with friends.  In the winter months I prefer to stay hidden from the elements.  I attended Brock University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA).  It was at Brock, in my third and fourth year, that I really discovered my passion in the financial industry .  I am honoured to be working at the Walker House and look forward to building rewarding relationships with all current and potential clients!